21. January 2021
New paper on arXiv, on Cooper pairs above Tc

16. January 2021
Our YSR paper is out, in collaboration with Copenhagen.

08. December 2020
Our new paper is out, in collaboration with the groups of Baumberger, Perry and Mackenzie.

02. November 2020
Maarten’s paper is published in Microsyst Nanoeng.

15. October 2020
Welcome Jiasen!

29. September 2020
TGB paper (led by ICFO and Geneva) is in Nature Physics! See also coverage by Dorine Schenk in NRC

14. September 2020
Maarten’s paper is published in PRB.

05. September 2020
Our new paper on twisted bilayer graphene is on arXiv.

18. March 2020
LION made a nice video about Koen and his research.

8. January 2020
Irene wins </i>discoverer of the year</i> by the faculty of Science! (Press release)!

10. December 2019
Koen defends his PhD with a cum laude (top 5%)!

5. September 2019
The noise doubling paper is published in Phys. Rev. B!

25. August 2019
Doohee got an assistant professor job at Yonsei University!

25. July 2019
The inhomogeneous superfluid paper is published in Nature!

15. July 2019
We imaged the doubling of shot noise due to Andreev reflections in a STM, posted on arXiv.

24. May 2019
The smart tip paper is finally published ! A collaboration with the Gröblacher Lab at TU Delft.

08. May 2019
Irene defends her PhD!

08. May 2019
Dome makes it on the University website.

13. December 2018
Our paper about how to construct an STM is in Review of Scientific Instruments.

08. October 2018
We discovered charge trapping in a high-Tc superconductor! Publication in Nature Physics.

27. September 2018
Our MHz amplifier for STM is published in Review of Scientific Instruments.

16. May 2018
Milan, Koen and Irene talk about superconductivity in Made in Leiden.

4. May 2018
Welcome Ram!

5.-9. March 2018
Irene and Milan are at the March Meeting (Talk Tue 10am, session E45)

13. November 2017
New paper published in collaboration with the group of Jan van Ruitenbeek

10. November 2017
Doohee makes the third place at the LION Image Award.

9. October 2017
We contributed to Miguel and Jan’s new paper.

12. August 2017
We got an ERC starting grant.

10. August 2017
Our paper is published in SciPost Physics.

17. - 21. July 2017
Milan wins the Bryan R. Coles prize at SCES 2017, Prague. Koen received the best poster presentation award.

17. - 21. July 2017
Koen, Maarten and Milan will be at SCES 2017, Prague. Come check out our posters on Tuesday&Thursday and talk on Thursday!

18. June 2017
Paper on poor electronic screening published in PRB as Editors’ selection!

15. May 2017
Welcome Doohee!

13. - 17. March 2017
Koen & Irene give talks at the APS March Meeting in New Orleans.

27. January - 3. March 2017
We are looking forward to co-hosting the workshop on unconventional superconductivity at the Lorentz center.

17-18. January 2017
Irene, Koen, Maarten and Milan will be at Physics@Veldhoven 2017. (Talk at PT6.1 and poster at P9.022).

25. November 2016
We are part of a newly granted Vrije Programma on strange metals, together with the groups of Hussey, Golden, vHeumen, Zaanen, Schalm, Stoof and Vandoren, see press release. We also got a Projectruimte.

19. September 2016
Our first paper from Leiden is online at Nature Physics!

12. September 2016
Koen is at Correl16, Julich.

01. July 2016
Milan is at the strongly correlated electron GRC 2016.

24. June 2016
Felix Baumberger is visiting.

17. June 2016
Irene is at SNS2016.

28. April 2016
Our results on the Mott & pseudo gap physics posted on arXiv !

14. May 2016
Ivan Bozovic is visiting.

17. March 2016
Koen, Irene & Vitaly present a poster at Sun Sailing Science.

17. Jan 2016
We discover electronic order and pseudogap in a non-cuprate materal!

01. Jan 2016
Welcome Vitaly!

17. June 2015
Welcome Kees!

17. June 2015
Maarten wins the LION image award! Check out his submission.

17. June 2015
We win a Vidi grant: 800kEUR to invest in science! (Leiden news, FOM news item)

01. Sept 2015
Welcome Koen and Maarten: from Master- to PhD-students

17. June 2015
We got our commercial STM from Unisoku, and we are already busy modifying.

01. Jan 2015
Welcome Irene, Gijsbert & Milan — our lab is officially starting!